Emma Dowd

Graduate Student

Office: 301A LeConte
Phone: (510) 642-9577
Email: edowd at berkeley dot edu

Lab: E3/E6
Lab room: LL104 Campbell
Lab phone: (510) 664-4841

Emma joined the Stamper-Kurn group in spring 2016. She started out on E3 working with coupled spin and mechanical oscillators in an optical cavity. Now, having learned what a functioning experiment looks like, she will join the effort to build E6, our new cavity experiment exploring quantum control of few- to many-body systems. 

Emma graduated from Harvard with a degree in chemistry and physics in 2015. As an undergrad, she did research in biophysics - specifically, voltage imaging in zebrafish. Biophysics is neat, but not as neat as quantum mechanics, so she switched over to AMO physics.