E6: Quantum Control of Few- to Many-Body Quantum Systems in an Optical Cavity

Lab room: Campbell LL104
Lab phone: (510) 664-4841

This is the newest of the Stamper-Kurn group experiments. Building on our group's work on cavity opto-dynamics on E3 and many-body physics on E4 and E5, we plan to study cavity control of quantum few- and many-body systems. 

We are working with Rubidium and recently put together our cooling chamber, consisting of a 2D MOT feeding a 3D MOT. We will optically transport our cold atomic cloud into our science chamber and load atoms into an optical cavity, where we will explore cavity-based feedback and control, cavity-mediated interactions between quantum systems, and nondestructive measurement of quantum many-body dynamics. We welcome ideas and discussion about other cool things we should consider looking into with this flexible system!