E6: Quantum Control of Few- to Many-Body Quantum Systems in an Optical Cavity

Lab room: Campbell LL104
Lab phone: (510) 664-4841

This is the newest of the Stamper-Kurn group experiments. Building on our group's work on cavity opto-dynamics on E3 and many-body physics on E4 and E5, we plan to study cavity control of quantum few- and many-body systems. 

We are working with Rubidium and have built a 3D MOT loaded from a 2D MOT. We are in the process of building and testing an optical transport system using tunable focus lenses which will be used to deliver atoms into an optical cavity in our science chamber where we will explore cavity-based feedback and control, cavity-mediated interactions between quantum systems, and nondestructive measurement of quantum many-body dynamics. We welcome ideas and discussion about other cool things we should consider looking into with this flexible system!