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Ana Maria Rey Abstract

Ana Maria Rey Abstract

Ana Maria Rey
JILA - U Colorado

"Exploring Quantum Magnetism with Polar Molecules"


In this talk I will discuss our idea of using ultra-cold polar molecules loaded in optical lattices as quantum simulators of strongly correlated Hamiltonians. The aim is to emulate iconic models used to describe solid state materials as well as Hamiltonians without solid state counterpart. Examples of those are generalized t-J models, directionally dependent anisotropic spin models and models exhibiting symmetry protected topological phases. The focus will be on KRb molecules given their well characterized hyperfine structure and their close connection to current experiment at JILA. The main idea is to use the rotational degrees freedom in these molecules, controllable by dc electric electric fields and microwave fields, as the spin degrees of freedom. The spins (rotational levels) couple by direct dipolar interactions which are anisotropic, long range and orders of magnitude stronger than those ones achievable using neutral atoms. I will discuss that despite the fact that current experiments are well below unit filling and not quantum degenerate they are in the position to verify and benchmark some of the proposed spin models.

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