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Atomic, Molecular and Optical science is quite a diverse field, encompassing academic and industrial research across many scientific and engineering disciplines. Accordingly, the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Science Seminar Series targets the field of AMO science quite broadly, covering topics in physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and other disciplines with relevance to the field. Similarly, this seminar series is intended to serve not only the UC Berkeley AMO physics community, but also others in our department, in other departments of at the University, and our colleagues at the nearby Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Their presence at and input regarding our seminars is warmly encouraged.

A typical audience at our seminars might consist of 30 or so students, postdocs and professors from these varied communities. Speakers should keep this makeup in mind when crafting their presentations, aiming to allow an attendee at the level of a first-year graduate student and a modest exposure to modern AMO science to understand much of their presentation.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays during the academic year, from 11am - 12noon, in 325 Le Conte Hall (NE corner of Old Le Conte). On special occasions, seminars may move in time and location, so please check the schedule for such possible changes. Speakers should prepare ~50 minute presentations, allowing time for questions during and after the talk. Specific audio-visual needs (overhead projectors, computer projectors, slide projectors) should be requested of the organizers before the talk.

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