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Kater Murch Abstract

Kater Murch Abstract

Kater Murch
UC Berkeley

Coherent control of quantum bits


I will discuss our recent demonstration of quantum bath engineering for a superconducting qubit coupled to a microwave cavity. By tailoring the spectrum of microwave photon shot noise in the cavity, we create a dissipative environment that autonomously relaxes the qubit to an arbitrarily specified coherent superposition of the ground and excited states. In the presence of background thermal excitations, this mechanism increases the state purity and effectively cools the dressed atom state to a low temperature. We envision that future multi-qubit implementations could enable the preparation of entangled many-body states suitable for quantum simulation and computation. Cavity-aided bath engineering is a form of "coherent", or "autonomous" quantum feedback and is not limited by the measurement quantum efficiency as with measurement based feedback.

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