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Szymon Pustelny Abstract

Szymon Pustelny Abstract

Szymon Pustelny
UC Berkeley and Jagellionian University

"Optical magnetometry and its application(s)"


Optical magnetometers are currently the most sensitive magnetic field sensors. With the sensitivity reaching even exceeding femtotesla level, they find numerous applications in fundamental research (electric dipole moment, dark matter searches, spin-gravity coupling, etc.) and various practical applications (surveys for natural resources, bop,ahmetos, detection, NMR, etc. Being based on nonlinear optical effects, in particular,various schemes of optical pumping, their fundamental sensitivity is limited by quantum statistics of photons (photon shot noise) and Heisenberg uncertainty principle (spin projection noise). During the talk various experimental scenarios exploiting off-resonance optical pumping and / or spin-exchange collisons enabling for high-sensitivity magnetic-field measurements will be discussed. Application of one of the methods for detection of heart-generated magnetic field will be described. Other developed applications of optical magnetometry will be briefly discussed.

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