Masayuki Okano


Office: 301B Le Conte
Phone: (510) 642-7437
Email: masayuki.okano at

Lab: E5
Lab room: B171 Birge
Lab phone: (510) 643-0543

Masayuki received his BS in physics from Kyoto University in 2004 and joined Yoshiro Takahashi's group at Kyoto University. For his master course, he worked on studying quantum vortices in a Rb Bose-Einstein Condensate. For his PhD, he worked as a Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. His PhD work was focused on laser cooling and trapping of dual-species (Li and Yb) ultracold atoms. After he completed his PhD in 2010, he joined Shigeki Takeuchi's group at Hokkaido University/Osaka University (later Kyoto University) as a post-doc working on quantum optics using quantum entangled photon pairs. He joined the Stamper-Kurn's group in 2015 to work on the optical Kagome lattice experiment.