Scott Eustice

Grad Student

Office: 301A LeConte
Phone: (240) 838-6344
Email: scott_eustice at berkeley dot edu

Lab: Ultracold Titanium
Lab room: LL104 Campbell
Lab phone: (510) 664-4841

Scott is working building up E8, the new experiment to trap and cool titanium atoms. Titanium is unlike any of the other atoms trapped to date, as it has strongly anisotropic atom-light interactions while not having the complication of strong long-range magnetic dipole interactions between atoms. This makes titanium and other similar transition metals excellent candidates for studying more complicated interactions that normally considered in alkali atoms but with less complexity than the strongly magnetic atoms and dipolar molecules. By realizing an ultracold gas of titanium atoms, the quantum phases of matter that can be realized with these interactions and be studied in greater detail.

Scott finished his undergraduate degree at University of Chicago in 2017, where among other things he worked under Professor Jon Simon building an apparatus to convert microwave photons generated by superconductors to optical photons via Rydberg rubidium atoms. In 2018 he finished a master’s degree in Professor Immanuel Bloch’s group at the Max Plank Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany. There he built two dimensions of a 3D optical lattice for ultracold NaK molecules.

Outside of lab, Scott can be found drinking a beer with friends.